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Fairy DreamCatchers - CLICK on these pictures for larger photos:

For my Fairy Dreamcatchers, I have combined ancient practices and faerie magic to create something unique and new. I have decorated each dreamcatcher in a faerie way, being inspired by nature and faerie lore. Faerie Dreamcatchers are sure to attract faeries into your home as the little folk just love to play with human dreams. The faeries will help trap bad dreams, and add a little magic into the good dreams that fall down into your mind.

Fairy Dreamcatcher #1

Small (5 inch) Pink Ivy - £SOLD

Fairy Dreamcatcher #2

Snowdrop Butterfly (25cm) £30

Fairy Dreamcatcher #3

Small (6 inch) Yellow Ivy - £10

Fairy Dreamcatcher #4

Ivy Ladybird (25 inch diameter) £30

Fairy Dreamcatcher #5

Pink Candy Rose Quartz
(30cm diameter) - £SOLD

Fairy Dreamcatcher #6

Orange Blue Flower Sparkle
(10 x 20 inch) - £30

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