I have been making faerie wings and dreamcatchers for over four years now.

I started making my own wings and pixie outfits for performing Pixie Street Theatre at festivals Find me on Myspace Afterwards, a few friends asked me to make wings for them. I soon realised that wing-making was another calling in life for me. I love creating something really unique and magical for people, so every pair of wings I make is exciting for me. It's great seeing them all coming together. I love using lots and lots of faerie dust and making my whole house sparkle.

In 2008 I fulfilled a lifelong ambition and founded "The Seelie Court Faerie Circus". We are a troupe of Faerie clowns with a passion for being very silly and getting up to all sorts of mischief. We can be found at various festivals over the summer spreading our pixie magic & holding daily bubble workshops. Find us on MySpace. Become a fan on Facebook

I got together with my faeries and taught them how to make their own faerie wings so that we could all be completely individual. They took to wingmaking like ducks to water and each have their very own unique style. With Three of us making wings at the same time my little faerie house had never been so sparkly! Trixie Pixie Treats and Avalon Creations will be on sale alongside Silly Little Pixie Creations on our stall at various festivals all summer.


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